How I Got Selected as a Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning

I am extremely stoked to share that as of today, I have been recognized by Google as a Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning.
Google Developer Experts
I thought of writing a blog post to answer some of the questions you might have about the GDE program.

Who is a Google Developers Expert?

Google Developers Experts (GDEs) are experienced, recognized developers of Google technologies as well as outstanding professionals in product strategy, UX/UI, marketing, growth hacking and monetization. They distinguish themselves through frequently speaking at conferences, share their passion and experience by publishing videos and tutorials, writing code samples, mentoring developers and startups and much more. Thanks to their support, developers, high-potential startups and technical communities around the world build and launch highly innovative apps.

Who am I?

Before I explain the process, I’ll give you my brief background. After completing my post graduation from BITS Pilani K K Birla Goa Campus in Embedded Systems & having worked for awesome companies like MathWorks & Cisco, I decided to pivot my career in machine learning/data science. In my tenure so far as a Data Scientist, I have tackled some open ended problems in the field of computer vision, time series & natural language processing. In order to give back to the community from which I learnt so much I started creating videos on YouTube and as of today, I have close to 8100 subscribers and 100 videos on my channel.

How I Got Selected as a Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning?

Step 1 → Nomination

I was nominated by a partner authorized by the Google developers team. As per the details given on the official experts portal, you can either be nominated by Google employee or any partners authorized by the Google developers team.

Step 2 → Eligibility Check

My application form was validated on factors such as speaking engagements, community engagement, mentorship, content creation, forum participation, projects made using google technologies & open software contribution.

Step 3 → Community Interview

After clearing the initial eligibility check. Then, an existing GDE was assigned to interview me to assess my impact on the developer community and some technical skills. The discussion was mostly centered around my YouTube videos with some questions in machine learning.

Step 4 → Product Interview

After clearing the community interview, I was interviewed by a Google specialist in machine learning. This round was technical with questions on explaining machine learning concepts in layman terms along with some questions on machine learning basics and natural language processing.

What changes after becoming a GDE in Machine Learning?

My main idea of applying for the GDE program was to teach at scale and having cleared the rounds, I’ll use this opportunity to teach machine learning at Google conferences. I’ll get a chance to showcase my machine learning projects. Additionally, I will also get a chance to experiment with the latest version of TensorFlow. The GDE role is essentially an ambassador role for Google’s Developer initiative. It’s a great opportunity to do my day job as well as be involved with the wider machine learning community.

A few tips

Don’t apply for the tag, apply for the evangelism. GDE’s didn’t become GDE’s with the aim of becoming GDE’s. Being a GDE is really about giving back to the community. Find something that you enjoy doing (writing blogs, publishing books, creating content, public speaking) and how you can help others. I hope you found this blog informative.

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