Machine Learning Trivia With Actions On Google

Wouldn’t it be nice if 10 minutes before a data science interview, Google Assistant asks you all MCQ’s about a concept like Decision Tree.

While experimenting with “Actions on Google”, I created a small Trivia on Decision Trees.

Do check it out by opening Google Assistant & saying “Ask Decision Tree Trivia” & the MCQ’s will start.

How I created my first app on action on Google:-

  • Create a new project
  • Choose template option
  • Choose your any quiz/trivia option
  • Name Your trivia and edit the sheet with quiz
  • Test the app
  • Add details like privacy policy, about your quiz, logo etc
  • Submit for review

This was just an experiment with 15 questions that I created. Based on your feedback, I would love to create more such trivia’s.

Feel free to drop in your feedback & share it with your network.
Link to the Google Assistant Action

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